Big Bass Lake Drinking Water Sampling and Testing Outreach Program

In July 2023, the Big Bass Lake Community Association facilitated a private well owner water sampling and testing program. During this program, Mr. Brian Oram presented “Private Water Supply: A Pennsylvania Perspective Big Bass Lake Community”.  The theme of the presentation was “Groundwater and Surface Water are Connected.”

The focus of the program provided information about what we know about the groundwater quality for the Big Bass Lake Region and how the Community and Individuals can implement programs or management to improve and/maintain groundwater quality.

Brian Oram, Licensed Professional Geologist

The presentation focused on the following topics:

The Water Cycle
Well Siting / Permitting or the Lack of an Ordinance
Well Construction or the Lack of Construction Standards
Hazards In Your Community (Order a Neighborhood Hazard Report)
Components of a Well Water System
Why Test My Well Water?
The Know Your H20 Diagnostic Tool
Most Common Problems with Well Water in this Region
Well Maintenance
Get Your Water Tested for What YOU Need

2023 Presentation PDF

Get Informed

Based on pass work in the Big Bass Lake community, the following are the most common issues and concerns with respect to water quality issues and common water quality problems. This outreach page provides direct links to the information that some, not all, of the private well owners may need:

Learn about each of the following contaminants or conditions in our Contaminants Section

Bacteria in Drinking Water

Lead in Drinking Water and potentially Corrosive Water

Corrosion (Copper, Zinc, low pH, low alkalinity, low hardness and other metals)

Iron and Manganese Issues with Drinking Water

Arsenic in Drinking Water

How to Shock Disinfect at Well and the Chemical We Recommend

Protect Yourself and Your Pets from Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs)

Get Tested

We offer or facilitate a series of options when it comes to water testing.  In addition, we do offer community based or event based outreach programs.

Level 1 – Observational Self Testing

Self-Test Web App - The quick and easy way to self diagnose your water quality issues by simply answering our online questionnaire. (If you have a problem you can see, smell, taste, or causes a nuisance – give this diagnostic tool a try).

Level 2 – In-Home Self Screening Tests

Safe Home WELL WATER Test Kit – DIY Testing for 14 Different Parameters in a Well Water Supply - Bacteria, Lead, Copper, Calcium, Iron, Nitrate, Nitrite & More

Level 3 – Mail Order Screening Lab Test Kits

Common tests kits recommended for private well owners:

WaterCheck Deluxe - Private Well Water Screening Test with Bacteria (Comprehensive Test – Done Initially)

WaterCheck Basic - Annual Screening

Get Treatment

The products listed below may be a solution for your situation. If you would like to get any information about these products or make a purchase, click the links below to view the CrystalQuest website in a new tab or window.
If you would like to get an anonymous review of your results by Crystal Quest, we can send them a copy of your testing results without your contact information.

Point-of-Use Products

Point-of-Use Filters to Remove Trace Metals
Point-of-Use Filters to Remove Lead
Point-of-Use Filters to Remove Arsenic

Whole House Applications

Greensand Filter (Iron and Manganese)
Standard Water Softener
Salt-Free Water Conditioner (Slight Hardness Reductions)
Neutralizing Filters (low pH or acidic water)
Arsenic Removal System

Get Tools

Order a Neighborhood Environmental Hazard Report

Local Professional Water Specialist

For systems with bacterial issues, we strongly suggest working a local water treatment expert.

Cresswell Drilling
(Shock Disinfection, Water Treatment, and Pump Issues)
211 N Lackawanna Trail,
Dalton, PA 18414
Phone: 570-563-1123
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Duane Moyer Well Drilling

(ShockDisinfection, Well Drilling, Pump Service, and Water Treatment)
336 Gilberts Hill Rd
Lehighton, PA 18235
Phone: 570-386-5508
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KnightWell Drilling
(ShockDisinfection, Well Drilling, Pump Service, and Water Treatment)
426 Main St
Gouldsboro, PA 18424
Phone: 570-842-8142

Pocono Well and Pump Service
(ShockDisinfection, Water Treatment, Pump Service, and Grinder Pump Repair)
21 Walbert Drive
Stroudsburg, PA 18360
Phone: 570-243-1679
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