Case Study 9 | Dirty Discolored Water, Bacteria, Iron Staining, and Odors


Ohio Private Well Water


Dirty Discolored Water, Bacteria, Iron Staining, and Odors

Private Well Sonic Water Level Sensor

Private Well - Discolored Water - Casing Corrosion!  
(You need to look at the Well!)

Level 1 Observational Testing / Water Issues

1. Homeowner complained that the particle filter clogged quicker, the pump failed, there was a smell in the water, and there was a Total Coliform Bacteria problem.
2. To solve the problem: They hired a Water Treatment Contractor and the contractor installed a water treatment system: larger particle filter and a water softener. This seemed to work for a while, but the problem returned.

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Evaluation & Inspection
Level 2 and Level 3 Testing

1. We inspected the well and water treatment system.
2. We removed the well cap - The answer was found. Look at the casing - it is corroded and beginning to fail.
3. We suggested a camera inspection of the hole and then lining the casing with a PVC liner.
4. There was surface rust on the water pressure tank, the water lines, and the piping - because the components had insulation blankets that trapped condensation.

Treatment Action

1.We suggested proper ventilation and insulation of the space and not the piping.

Hopefully this is a work in progress.
Lesson Learned - Sometimes the problem is the well construction and not simply a water treatment system.
Note - The wellbore needs maintenance and an annual inspection.

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