Case Study 6 | Repeated Hot Water Heater Failures


The Poconos - Pike County, Pennsylvania


Hot Water Heater Failures - Repeatedly

Homeowner contacted us after the sixth unit was installed in 10 years.

Level 1 Observational Testing / Water Issues

Black Slime Coatings on The Piping (Black was Manganese)

Corrosion in Piping

1. Repeated failure of water heating systems with some piping corrosion.
2. The water had a metallic / bitter taste.

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Evaluation /Inspection

Level 2 and Level 3 Testing

1. Field checked the water quality: pH 5.35, Conductivity 90 µS/cm, Total Dissolved Solids 50 mg/L, Alkalinity 10 mg/L, T. Hardness 35 mg/L
2. Calculated a Corrosion Index - (- 4.10) - Very Corrosive
3. Nuisance Bacteria - Elevated - Slime Forming Bacteria
4. These conditions can immediately invalidate the warranty on a water heater.

Neighborhood Environmental Report

Activities in the area: urban landscapes, pipeline work, stormwater systems, and septic systems. Geology - sandstone and siltstones with no limestone.

To find out activity in your area, order a Neighborhood Environmental Report.

Treatment Action

1. Shock Disinfected and purged the well.

2. Retested the water and recommended the installation of a Neutralizing System to reduce the corrosion potential for the water.

3. Homeowner hired a contractor to install a Neutralizing System.


Water Quality Good - No more corrosion problems.

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