Case Study 7 | Natural Gas Region / Green Particles in My Water


Natural Gas Region, Pennsylvania


Was Called by Homeowner - "I have got Green Particles in My Water"

Green Particle - Actual Size 1/8 inch

Actual Size of Particles 1/16 inch or less.

Level 1 Observational Testing / Water Issues

1. Homeowner changed particle filter - found green particles in the filter housing.
2. No Baseline Testing was ever conducted.
3. Checked the well for Methane Gas and saline water - Negative.
4. Collected a Sample of water for a Well Water Check Test, plus bacteria.
5. Collected a sample of the material - green materials that would sink or float and black/particles that would sink, for a microscopic analysis.
6. Sample started out-gassing, i.e., producing a gas after about 3 to 5 minutes.

Evaluation & Inspection
Level 2 and Level 3 Testing

1. Water Chemistry - no major problems and nothing approaching or exceeding a standard. The water did contain some Copper, Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Sodium, Strontium, and Zinc. Methane not detected. Water had a low pH.
2. Microscopic evaluation - green material was not a chemical precipitate or coating and was actually a synthetic material - sponge like; the reddish material appeared to be a coating of iron. No reaction with acid or the addition of an oxidizer.
3. Microscopic evaluation - the small particles appeared to be rust or pieces of the rock formation and the green material was a synthetic organic that when heated would melt and give off a plastic odor.

To do your own Level 1 Observational Test check out our Self Test Web App.

Neighborhood Environmental Report

Activities in the area - gas drilling, urban landscapes, pipeline work, excavations, stormwater systems, urban runoff, fertilizers, and road salting.

To find out activity in your area, order a Neighborhood Environmental Report.

Evaluation & Inspection
Level 2 and Level 3 Testing

Treatment Action

1. Recommended that the wellbore be checked. It is possible that some type of foam or insulated material got down the well.
2. Recommended Baseline Testing - NOW! If you're interested in getting Baseline Testing done, Contact Us and we'll connect you with a Water Professional.
3. Out-gassing could be carbon dioxide or nitrogen - no sulfur odor, not methane, and not radon.
4. Total Coliform Bacteria Negative - but may want to check for Nuisance Bacteria.

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