Case Study 8 | Black Particles in the Water


Susquehanna County, PA


Black Particles in the Water

fine black particles
Fine Particles - < 1 mm

bucket of black water purple sediment
Dirty black water, purple particles and sediment

close up of black particles on finger
Close Up of My Finger - Showing the Black Particles

Level 1 Observational Testing / Water Issues

1. Homeowner complained of black water and black particles in the water
2. Visited site and evaluated system.
3. Found the black particles in the toilet tank, on aeration screens, and on the sink.
4. Some elongated particles did float, but settled quickly.
5. Toilet reserve tanks had a red, black, and clear slime.
6. Collected water sample.
7. After the water treatment system, the black particles increased in concentration.
8. Initial assumption was that the black particles were Manganese.

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Evaluation & Inspection
Level 2 and Level 3 Testing

1. The water had an elevated level of Iron, Manganese, Arsenic, Nuisance Bacteria, Radon in water, and detectable levels of Uranium.
2. The black particles were in the raw well water and then after the newly-installed water treatment system.
3. Iron Bacteria was elevated.

Treatment Action

1. The black particles had two sources: dissolved Manganese in the source water and the material flushed from the recently-installed water treatment system.
2. After the installation of the system and well, the plumbing was allowed to set unused. Slime and other Bacteria started to grow.
3. The well was Shock Disinfected and flushed to waste. The water treatment system was by-passed and the plumbing was shock disinfected and flushed to waste.
4. The water treatment system was flushed and backwashed.
5. A water sample after treatment was tested; it met all drinking water standards for the parameters tested, i.e. pH, total dissolved solids, iron, manganese, arsenic, total coliform, and heterotrophic bacteria. Suggested monitoring to see if the nuisance bacteria regrow.

Note - Case Study 8 is a combination of Two Similar Cases.

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