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Asbestos: What Is it and How is it Dangerous?

The yin-yang symbol and the concept of yin-yang have been applied to many things. Traditionally, it has been viewed as two complementary forces that make up all aspects of life. Asbestos has two faces or parts.

PA PFAS Drinking Water Standards - Open for Public Comment

Proposed regulations regarding setting limits for PFOA and PFOS in drinking water are open for public comment by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PA DEP).

Stormwater Management for Homeowners

This blog post is our effort to develop a guide with respect to runoff for the average rural homeowner and to provide resources for urban citizens and for those who may be looking at rainwater harvesting systems.

EPA Announces Lower Health Advisory Levels for Drinking Water for PFOA, GenX, PFAS, and other Forever Chemicals

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announces the release of health advisories for four perfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS)

My Vacation Learning More about Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, Drinking Water Contamination

While on vacation, I repeatedly heard ads about water contamination at Camp Lejeune and like any other workaholic in the water treatment profession, I had

Lead in Drinking Water | Part of the Problem is Awareness

Despite measures taken by the EPA and many states, lead poisoning is still a serious concern. Lead can be found in old water taps as well as interior and exterior piping.

Water Conservation | Tips on How to Save Water Inside and Outside the Home

Did you know that the average American uses 80 to 100 gallons of water per day and 40 percent (about 32 gallons) of that water goes straight down the drain?

Drinking Water and Health - Is Water Part of the Cure?

Even though 60% of the human body is water, the impact of water on health is often overlooked. The primary health concerns with water relate to both quantity and quality.

Wildlife and Lead Poisoning - Lead is not Just a Problem for Humans

Animals in the wild are as vulnerable to lead poisoning as humans are. In this article, Chief Naturalist Susan Gallagher describes the impact of lead on an eagle that consumed an animals that was shot with ammunition containing lead pellets.

Polycythemia vera and the Links to Radon and Radium (Pennsylvania Case Study)

Polycythemia vera is a rare blood disorder in which there is an increase in all blood cells, particularly red blood cells, which makes the blood thicker. This can lead to strokes or tissue and organ damage.

Livestock and Agriculture Water Quality and Drinking Water and the Farmer

An agricultural operation is dependent on not only the health of the livestock, but also the ecosystem of the farm and the area around the agricultural operation, and the farmers health.

Ozonation as a Drinking Water Treatment - Is it in Your Tool Box?

When trying to build a foundation in water treatment, it is essential to not only understand the various treatment processes but to have a solid understanding of the technical history, chemistry, and historical applications of the water treatment process or chemical.

WellSeal™ Gives Well Owners and Well Drillers Peace of Mind About Groundwater and Drinking Water Safety.

In many cases, the weakest and most vulnerable part of a public and private water supply system is the well and the wellhead. The wellhead is typically the

VA Mortgage Loan Program and Water Testing Requirements

When a home is serviced by an individual, private, community, or regulated drinking well, the VA does have some basic water testing requirements. Generally, the water source must meet requirements established by the local health authority. 

Protect Yourself and Your Pets from Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs)

Harmful algal blooms (HABs) are associated with the rapid and seemingly uncontrolled growth of colonies of algae in both freshwater (cyanobacteria – blue-green algae), salt water ("Red Tides/ Brown Tides"), and brackish water (Golden Algae).