Liberty Pure Solutions

Service Area

Maryland, Delaware, North Carolina, Georgia, Florida


Liberty Pure Solutions, Inc.
Douglas Workman
2824 Paper Mill Rd
Phoenix, MD 21131
(410) 527-1024


Licensed Well Driller
Licensed in Maryland, Georgia, North Carolina

Licensed Plumber
Licensed in Maryland, Delaware, Georgia, North Carolina

Services Provided

Water Treatment and Analysis
Residential Plumbing
Boiler Services
Water Heaters
Water Filtration Systems
Water Softners
Reverse Osmosis
Chemical Treatment
Pump Controls and Pump Installation

Professional Memberships

Ground Water Association 
Certified Pump Installer

Water Quality Association
Master Water Specialist
Certified Installer
Certified Service Technician

Eastern Water Quality Association

National Home Builders Association

Better Business Bureau

About Liberty Pure Solutions, Inc.

Liberty Pure Solutions

At Liberty Pure Solutions Inc., we only provide our customers with the highest level of service. From plumbing and water treatment to upgrading kitchens and bathroom fixtures, if it involves water, we will improve it for you! We have served over 7,000 customers in the Maryland area since 1988. Ask your neighbors about us! Well pumps, controls, leaking faucets and pipes, brown water, salty water, MTBE water, we fix it all! Reverse osmosis and whole house reverse osmosis systems are a large part of our business. Call 1-800-Clean-Water now!

Liberty Pure Solutions Inc. selects water treatments with you in mind. From selection, installation, and service, we make you the most important thing! We have been the best in our field since 1988. Give us a try, we will impress you because “that’s what we do."