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We invite you to take a moment to review the beta version of our Self Test Web App and share your feedback. With your help, we can develop innovative tools for the Water Industry.

Simply click on the Launch button above to access the Web App and then once you have reviewed the app, click on the Feedback button above to submit a review.

Beta review period is open until 8/31/20

What is the KnowYourH2O Self Test Web App?

The Self Test Web App is the brainchild of geologist and water expert Brian Oram. Over many years of working with clients, he saw a pattern to how he asked questions when he first engaged with customers to understand their water issues. The answers to those questions would determine the path to begin to remedy their problem. Our goal was to create a “virtual clone” of Brian in the form of an app.

How does the Web App Work?

The Web App is a questionnaire that asks a series of questions about observations that an individual can make using their senses of sight, smell, taste and touch and readily available information. Once all questions are answered and submitted, the user can review their results and optionally download a printable PDF identifying the most likely contaminants and causes. The printout can then be given to a water professional as time-saving guidance to determine the next steps toward a solution.

Who would benefit using the Self Test Web App?

The Web App has a wide range of possible users:
1) Consumers
2) Private Well Water Professionals  Those servicing private wells and well drilling
3) Public City Water Professionals Utilities and those servicing larger multi-user systems
4) Laboratories
5) Water Treatment Professionals Those that provide treatment products and installations

How can you help us improve the Self Test Web App?

Share your feedback on the Web App functionality:
Do you like the Web App overall look and function?
Is there some critical information missing from the Web App that you would like to see included or inaccurate or confusing information?
Share ways you see your business using the Web App
As an in-house tool for staff members to do an initial screening to clarify the water issues of new customers
For crew members working with customers in the field
As a way to improve customer first impressions and add to the quality of service you offer your customers
A way to track a customers water quality over time and interact with your customer
Using a branded version of the Web App with your logo and company information
Or share any ideas for other Web App solutions for your business

Upcoming Features

The beta version of the app does not include the current modules we are finalizing
Questions on health concerns and household piping
The ability to set up client accounts to manage and track data
Online map showing client locations
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