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Hydroviv is a new Point-of-Use Drinking Water Treatment partner with a different approach, i.e., customized Point-of-Use water Treatment systems for your tap, shower head, ice maker, and refrigerator. Why Customized? Because tap water throughout the world is not the same. 

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A few quotes from Hydroviv founder Dr. Eric Roy, PhD Chemistry:

"Tap water across each country is different, so why should all water filters be built the same? A one-size-fits-all pitcher and point-of-use filters are not designed to remove contaminants specific to your drinking water."

"Our Water Nerds lend their expertise in science, policy, toxicology, and engineering to create personalized water filters for each of our customers. It's what we do."

"It's just plain wrong that most water filter companies rely on scare tactics and marketing gimmicks to sell their products instead of science. Hydroviv exists to help people cut through the scientific jargon so they can better understand their water and to help them lower their risk and protect their families."

If you're interested in learning more about their personalized filters and getting the best solution for your water, select an option below. 

Note: The KnowYourH2O team strongly suggests that you Get Tested before buying a filtration system based on historical data or summary data submitted by a water authority to a regulatory agency.

Hydroviv Customized Under Sink Water Filter 

Hydroviv water filtration systems are optimized for your city's water quality data, using your shipping zip code when you place your order. This means cleaner, healthier, better-tasting water straight from the tap. What's more, the undersink water filter connects to your faucet's standard 3/8" connections (in about 15 minutes).

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Hydroviv Customized Shower Filter

Hydroviv shower head filters have been developed to filter the toughest tap water, which can dry and damage skin and hair. Shower in Hydroviv purified water and kiss all that goodbye. We deliver softer, more hydrated skin and hair right out of the shower. What's more, installation only takes about 5 minutes.

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Hydroviv Customized Refrigerator/ Ice Maker Water Filter

Hydroviv refrigerator line systems are optimized for your city's water quality data, using your shipping zip code when you place your order. That means clean, fresh-tasting water right from the dispenser. What's more, installation is simple - connect to your refrigerator's water line using 1/4 inch connections (view installation page).

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