PDH Engineer

PDHengineer.com, located in Houston, TX, is the leading provider of continuing education exclusively for professional engineers.

In 2002, PDHengineer founder Edward Brunet, Jr., P.E., needed PDH credits while living overseas. The websites he found online, however, were sorely lacking in breadth and quality of the material. He knew there were engineers out there, much like him, who could benefit from a website offering high-quality PDH content. After returning to the U.S., Edward started PDHengineer.com in April 2003. From the onset, Edward built PDHengineer with an emphasis on quality. A rigorous course review process was implemented to ensure that all content was accurate, relevant, and up-to-date before being offered to professional engineers. More than 60,000 engineers trust PDHengineer to meet their continuing education needs. They have come to appreciate and to expect our quality content and our great customer service, along with all the other benefits of using PDHengineer.

The PDH Engineer portal includes courses in building design, business skills (Risk management, computer skill, leadership training, and more), civil, control systems, electrical, engineering disasters, environmental engineering, ethics, failure investigations, firm and operational management, geotechnical, health and safety, HVAC, Industrial engineering, laws and rules, materials (corrosion welding lubricants and more), oil/ gas/ hydrocarbons, personal development, project management, renewable energy (alternative fuels, efficiency, geothermal, hydro, nuclear, solar, and wind), seminars (live courses) state-specific training courses (Pick where your license originates), structural design, and transportation-related.

Because of our professional background and relationships with those in the engineering field, the KnowYourH2O team has partnered with “PDH Engineer” to facilitate the over 3000 PDH diverse online education courses for engineers and other professionals.

To view over 3000 PDH diverse online education courses for engineers and other professionals, Click Here.

Mr. Brian Oram also offers continuing education courses for licensed professionals through Wilkes University in Wilkes Barre, PA.