Crystal Quest

Crystal Quest is a manufacturer of cost-effective, reliable water filtration products and systems, serving Residential, Commercial, and Industrial markets worldwide. 

Their commitment to providing quality products and excellent customer service has made them a well-known international company.

Crystal Quest participates in all phases of water treatment technology, ranging from product research and development, innovative design, advanced engineering to manufacturing, which has led to their expansion and growth. 

They provided commercial and industrial water filters, water conditioning, water treatment, and reverse osmosis solutions for a variety of clients. 

Clients include apartment complexes, dry cleaners, restaurants, food services, vending, health clubs, laundries, nursing homes, factories, schools, office complexes, car washes, resorts, manufacturers, breweries, hospitals, food processing, dairies, hotels & motels, condominium complexes, boiler pretreatment, farms, distilleries, beauty salons, and many other businesses and industrial or government complexes.

Crystal Quest can custom design and dropship water treatment equipment for do-it-yourselfers, plumbers, and drinking water professionals. 

Before investing in a water treatment system, we recommend first using our Self-Diagnostic App to get a preliminary diagnosis of your water issue, followed by a comprehensive water qualityTest. You can then work with the KnowYourH20 Team and Crystal Quest to develop a Short-Term and Long-Term Treatment Solution.

Residential Water Filtration Products 

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Whole House Filters 

These POE (point of entry) filters are perfect for any sized home, apartment, or condo. These filters are installed at the water line entering your residence and provide filtered water to every faucet, appliance, and tap in your home.

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Reverse Osmosis 

Reverse Osmosis systems are designed to remove almost all contaminants from your water. The systems are ruggedly designed and manufactured for dependable and simple operation. We have many configurations available depending on your house size, consumption level, demand, and number of occupants.

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Drinking-Water Filters 

These POU (point of use) filters provide quality filtered water at or near any water line. With changeable cartridges, these filters are easy to use, maintain, and long-lasting. With a variety of models available, we are guaranteed to have the perfect filter to suit your needs.

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Water Softeners 

Soften and Condition water with a Traditional Salt Softener or a Salt-Free Water Softener (also known as Anti-Scale). These products can be added to most SMART, Eagle, or Specialty Whole House Systems and can also be purchased standalone.

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Specialty Filters

(Arsenic, Nitrate, Tannins, Neutralizers)

Crystal Quest has a variety of specialty systems available to both enhance and remove specific contaminants from your water. Also, they have systems to enhance Alkalinity or Neutralize Acidic water and remove specific contaminants such as Arsenic, Fluoride, Lead, Nitrate, Tannin, Turbidity, and more.

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UV Disinfection 

Crystal Quest UV Sterilization Systems are extremely safe and effective at eliminating bacteria, microorganisms, viruses, algae, protozoa, and more from your water. UV Systems are also a great cost-effective solution to disinfection without the need to add chemicals to your water.

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Water Coolers

Bottleless Water Coolers are a great addition to any home or office and eliminate the need to worry about refilling, buying, or replacing oversized water jugs. Water Coolers also help eliminate plastic waste while providing clean, filtered water on tap for you or your family to enjoy.

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Shower and Bath Filters 

Crystal Quest Shower and Bath filters work by filtering the water through each stage of ERA® 6500 and ERA® 9500 and then Coconut Shell Granular Activated Carbon. The result? The healthiest, most refreshing shower experience ever.

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Commercial Water Filtration Products

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A wide variety of businesses can benefit from clean water, and in many cases, filtered water is essential for the success of your organization. In particular, the following industries benefit from commercial water filtration systems:

Food and Beverage

Service Industries

Large Multi-Residential

Mining, Gas, and Oil

Plants and Manufacturing

Agriculture and Farming

Medical and Lab

School Campuses

Government Applications

Freshwater Reverse Osmosis

Brackish Reverse Osmosis


Off-the-Grid Portable Reverse Osmosis Unit

The Crystal Quest Off-Grid, Portable R.O. Water System combines both Reverse Osmosis and filtration to purify water from a variety of water sources such as lakes, streams, rivers, etc. Great companion for off-grid living, boating, camping, emergency prepping, and disaster-hit areas. The Crystal Quest Off-Grid Reverse Osmosis Water System is a portable, compact, mobile, and solar/battery-powered all-in-one water treatment system that utilizes a Reverse Osmosis membrane with sediment and carbon block filters to clear contaminants out of the water. Then it will remineralize it with necessary and healthy minerals your body needs, so you have clean and purified drinking water. The system provides all you need in one handy case, including a solar kit, battery, and booster pump. Just power the panel up with the sun, attach the included tubing, secure the ends in the water source and flip on the switch.

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Water Disinfection 

Waterborne pathogens are one of the leading causes of infectious disease. Methods of water disinfection for human consumption must pay special attention to microbiologically safe disinfection. For over 30 years, Crystal Quest has designed and manufactured systems to treat water requiring a 99.99% reduction of bacteria, viruses, and protozoa without harsh chemicals. Our expertise and advanced engineering of OEM technologies have been applied to worldwide industries and even the most challenging water and air disinfection solutions.

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Air Disinfection

At this time, no one can say for certain that ozone is effective in killing the novel coronavirus COVID-19, as it is simply too early, and no peer-reviewed studies have yet been conducted to support or confirm this. However, we know that ozone destroys other viruses such as MRSA. They are using these ozone devices throughout our facilities and following other recommended public health practices such as social distancing and increased attention to hygiene.

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Affiliate Partners

The KnowYourH20 Team is looking for online affiliates for this program. If you are part of a watershed or grassroots citizens organization looking to promote drinking water testing and proper water treatment, this program  maybe beneficial to help educate your community and make a positive impact.  

Remember - we all live downstream!  

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