Filter Water was created to provide clean drinking water and the best overall customer experience and promote a healthy lifestyle and clean water supply. They are happy to offer our customers the best water testing and water purification products on the market at a low guaranteed price. They have partnered with an ISO-9001 certified manufacturer and can custom-build residential and commercial Water Filter Systems for most water problems. Their products are proudly Made in the USA! 

Products that are made in the USA will carry an American flag icon. Our primary warehouse is located outside Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Large and commercial systems are shipped from Atlanta, Georgia (for our international customers).  They are a member of the Water Quality Association. They sell products that are either NSF-certified or use NSF-certified components. Large systems are manufactured by an ISO-9001 certified manufacturer certified for designing, marketing, and manufacturing high-capacity water filters. can custom design and dropship water treatment equipment for do-it-yourselfers, plumbers, and drinking water professionals. 

Before investing in a water treatment system, we recommend first using our Self-Diagnostic App to get a preliminary diagnosis of your water issue, followed by a comprehensive water quality Test. You can then work with the KnowYourH20 Team and Crystal Quest to develop a Short-Term and Long-Term Treatment Solution.

Residential Systems 

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Budget Whole House Water filters

Budget Whole House Water filters are smaller water filters that use one to many replacement cartridges to filter water. A typical system consists of a sediment pre-filter, a multi-stage filter, and a carbon block or other type of charcoal filter. Here we also list "Big Blue" Whole House Filters (units with large dark-blue housings). 

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Large Whole House Water Filtration Systems

Large Whole House Water Filtration Systems are usually good for medium to large houses and small commercial applications. A typical water filtration system consists of a sediment pre-filter and a large cylinder with water filtering media. A large whole house water filter can have either an automatic backwash or manual backwash (or require no backwashing at all). With automatic backwash, a system comes with a Fleck controller on top and will have to be connected to a water drain.

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Specialty and Well Water Filtration Systems

Specialty and Well Water Filtration Systems are designed to eliminate a specific problem with your water. They use a variety of filtration media and technologies to remove or reduce contaminants commonly found in drinking water, such as low or high pH levels, Nitrates, Arsenic, Tannin, Sediment, Fluoride, Iron and Manganese, Hydrogen Sulfide, and several other common water problems. 

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Commercial Systems 

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Commercial Water Filters are ideal Filtration Systems for removing many water contaminants on a large scale in places such as large private residences (over 4000 sq. feet), businesses, manufacturing facilities, apartment buildings, retail establishments, restaurants, and schools.

Industrial Systems  

Many Industrial water purification technologies exist to produce purified water for manufacturing, commercial and industrial applications. Pure water that's often required for these processes, H2O, is colorless, tasteless, and odorless. As water goes through the earth, it collects both beneficial substances and contaminants as water is a perfect solvent. Many of these substances need to be removed to produce water that's acceptable for industries. One of the significant factors for industries is control of corrosion and scale.

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Chemical Dosing Systems for Corrosion Control, Chlorine Injection, pH Adjustment, and more  

A Dosing System may be required when your water contains difficult to remove contaminants or some in very high range. Issues such as high or low pH, bacteria, permanent hardness, bacteria, metals, very high Iron may be addressed with the help of a dosing system.

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Bottleless Coolers 

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Photometer Water Test 

(Connects to your mobile phone) 

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