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Petlibro is all about creating the best pet tech & lifestyle products for pet owners and their favorite pets.  Pawrents canuse the best selling Petlibro automatic pet feeder to feed their beloved cats& dogs on time, with the same healthy portion, whenever, wherever. Likewise, Petlibro water fountains help pets to stay hydrated whenever,wherever, with filtered, clean water running continuously.  At Petlibro,we care about our pets, and we constantly innovate our products to havefeatures that take care of our pets in the best way possible. "Devoted Love, Hassle-Free", that's the Petlibro motto.

Petlibro's Granary pet feeder and Capsule have the most elegant pet techproduct design.  We want our products to blend in seamlessly into any homeenvironment.  And that pet owners can be proud of their Petlibro Granary& Capsule! ‍

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