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Our Singular Mission is Clean Safe Water.

Welcome to the KnowYourH2O™ Path to Clean Water Program

The KnowYourH2O Path to Clean Water Program was created to raise awareness of the threats to the health and safety of our drinking water supplies and sources which can impact your health, your families health, and your home and community.

We believe that, when we inform the community, we empower individuals, support fact-based citizen science, and give communities the resources and tools they need to be aware of the risk to their water supplies, to manage hazards and concerns, and to mitigate risk for current and future generations.

In addition to protecting our nation's drinking water sources, recreational waters, streams, lakes, rivers, and oceans, we are implementing a fact-based science approach that will help to assure that this most valuable resource, clean, safe, drinking water, is safe for generations to come; we need to be stewards for all of the inhabitants of this beautiful blue ball.

A young girl drinking a glass of clean drinking water
A droplet of water being put in a test tube.


Knowing the Drinking Water Quality in Your Home, Work Place, School, Office, and Community Facilities

Through our Indoor KnowYourH2O™ Path to Clean Drinking Water Program, you can Get Informed and learn about all the things that can Contaminate your indoor drinking water quality. You'll learn how to Get Tested and understand the different levels of water testing available based on your needs. In our Get Treatment section you learn about all the types of treatments available and how to properly remediate your water issues. We offer a variety of tools and resources in our Get Tools section. Our Get Training section provides education opportunities.  Get Connected and Get Involved by joining us and others of like minds in promoting the mission of clean, safe drinking water.



Knowing the Water Quality in Our Environment

We’re all connect through our shared Watershed and ecosystem, and we are just as much a part of the Water Cycle as water. By caring for the greater environment, we are caring for our neighbors, family and ourselves.

In our Outdoor KnowYourH20 Path to Clean Water Program, water professionals, students, and citizens scientists can Get Informed and learn how we can assure that our community drinking water and recreational water resources are safe and plentiful for ourselves and the other inhabitants of the planet.

Access a variety of tools and resources for water testing and Watershed monitoring in our Get Tools section. We offer a online, classroom and field environmental educational opportunities in our Get Training section.

Get Connected with like minds through our newsletter and social media. Get Involved by joining us, other water professionals, students and citizen scientists in sharing local environmental data globally, and encouraging fact-based and not fear-based decisions. It is important to Know Our H20 and always remember we all live downstream.

A water scientist taking a sample from a stream.